Replacing your furnace can be costly but this is definitely a necessary expense if your current furnace is no longer working. Replacing an outdated furnace will help you save money on the long-term since newer models are usually more efficient. Replacing a furnace is difficult and you should not try doing it yourself. Furnaces are heavy and there is a safety risk involved with the installation. This is why you need to find a good furnace installation company in your area.
Many contractors offer this type of service. Most of these professionals can also help you find your new furnace if you do not already have an appliance. You should, at least, listen to their advice if you are not sure what kind of furnace would be best for your home. Start your search online. Use a search engine or a business directory to get a better idea of the businesses that offer furnace installation services in your area. The professionals who offer repair services usually offer installation services even though they might be listed as a repair service.
You can also find a great furnace installation company by asking friends, relatives or neighbors for a reference if you know anyone who recently had a furnace installed. This can be a much faster way to find a reliable and affordable professional who can install your new furnace.
Make sure the professional or company you choose is properly licensed. You can simply ask them about their contractor’s license to make sure they are operating in a legitimate manner. They should also have an insurance policy that covers any kind of damages they could cause while working in your home.
Your next step is to get a quote. You will only get an approximate price if you call different businesses and ask them how much they would charge to install a new furnace. This is still a good way to compare prices and to make a list of contractors in your price range. Be careful if a company offers prices that sound too good to be true since they might be cutting corners somewhere.
You can get a more detailed quote by asking a contractor to inspect your home. They will be able to determine how much work really needs to be done. Some parts of your plumbing system might need to be replaced if they are not compatible with your new furnace. Some changes might need to be made in your basement if the new furnace is too large to fit where the old one used to be. Ask for a quote in writing that lists all the charges.
You need to talk to different professionals before hiring someone to install your new furnace. You should also request detailed quotes, get them in writing and find out when different professionals can perform the installation. Get a deadline in writing if you can. Do not feel obligated to use the services of a professional who gave you a quote since it is in your best interest to compare your different options.